Why Should I Consider Setting Renewable Energy Goals for My Cloud Business?

To date, more than 4,000 global companies spanning all sectors, including many VMware customers, are committed to science-based targets to reduce greenhouse emissions in their operations and supply chains to help them reach net-zero carbon by 2050. According to Aberdeen’s 2021 paper The Market for Sustainability in the Cloud is Here, 36% of businesses have set zero-carbon goals, and 24% plan to in the next year.” Research has proven that organizations with zero-carbon goals actually improve operations and reduce costs because these goals align with increasing utilization and resource consumption when executing their business strategies. These companies are looking for suppliers with low-carbon solutions to help them achieve these goals - in fact, they are 2.5x more likely than other businesses to say that being a sustainable cloud provider is a top criterion when choosing cloud solutions.

VMware Zero Carbon Committed (ZCC) initiative enables Cloud Verified partners to become a trusted sustainability partner to their customers. Through renewable energy procurement and other carbon offset reduction programs, cloud providers can deliver services that address the evolving landscape of business challenges while simultaneously helping them meet their environmental goals for zero carbon emissions.

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What Key Benefits Will Joining the VMware Zero Carbon Committed Program Provide?

When you join the Zero Carbon Committed program, you not only send a message of commitment to offering 100% renewable energy powered VMware Clouds by 2030, but you gain a seat at an increasingly growing market of businesses who are setting zero-carbon goals and looking for aligned solutions from their suppliers.

Zero Carbon Committed partners can achieve meaningful business growth by plugging into the fast growing ecosystem of over 4,000 engaged customers committed to the United Nations’ Science Based Targets Initiative (SBTi) initiative to reduce absolute carbon emissions in their operations and supply chains to reach net zero carbon by 2050. With customers always on the lookout for suppliers with low carbon solutions, Zero Carbon Commitment is quickly becoming table stakes to winning customer contracts moving forward.

Differentiate and scale your service offerings, and even the playing field when competing for business against hyperscalers. VMware offerings enable cloud providers to build out services and infrastructure at scale to meet the demands of customers large and small, across all sectors and industries. Deliver leading capabilities with modern applications, protect data and systems with disaster recovery services, maximize productive use of infrastructure with cloud management services, and more.

Get additional promotional support through VMware marketing and branding.  

∙ VMware will position our Cloud Verified partners for success by promoting ZCC partners to our prospective customers seeking cloud providers, and direct customers to the provider’s website with additional details on their cloud renewable energy commitment. VMware partners participating in the ZCC program will be recognized with a special leaf designation to easily identify them, which will link to your cloud page reflecting your environmental commitment towards energy sustainability.

∙ VMware will help promote partners through search and display marketing, campaigns, and event promotions to highlight and link customers to prospective cloud provider partners.

How Do I Begin Defining and Executing on a Zero-Carbon Emissions Strategy?

Defining a zero-carbon emissions strategy for your cloud business and executing on it can be challenging. How do you identify and measure your carbon emitting sources? Should you procure renewable energy sources, or do you invest in carbon offset programs? The path and choices are up to you. But as we’ve seen with so many of our cloud providers, taking steps to become a Zero Carbon Committed partner can deliver extremely rewarding business ROI, with customers increasingly wanting to leverage partners who can provide details around their working commitments to reach zero carbon emissions targets. Listed below are resources to help enable our cloud providers on their journeys towards delivering on Zero Carbon Commitments.
VMware Renewable Energy Training Series



Clean Energy Buyers Association (formerly REBA)

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VMware Zero Carbon Committed as a Cloud Provider Differentiator for Growth


How Do I Become a VMware Zero Carbon Committed Partner?

Simply ensure you meet the criteria below and follow the steps in this video.

The following are the requirements for a Cloud Verified partner to join VMware Zero Carbon Committed initiative:

Provider needs to be a “Cloud Verified” partner with at least one Cloud Verified data center.

Cloud provider has:

  • A public commitment of 100% renewable energy or a net-zero carbon goal to be achieved by 2030 (or >50% renewable energy by 2025) that covers partner’s data center operations, including VMware cloud data centers. You must have renewable energy procurement certificates backed by Guarantees of Origin certificates, renewable energy certificates (REC) or similar. 
  • 100% renewable energy or net-zero carbon goal to be achieved on (or) before 2030 (or >50% renewable energy on or before 2025).

Cloud provider verifies that:

  • On an annual basis, partner agrees to verify, confidentially, with VMware that it meets VMware's Zero Carbon Committed qualification criteria for renewable energy powered data center operations.
  • Partner agrees to promotion by VMware as a Zero Carbon Committed partner including the use of its logo.
  • Its renewable energy or net-zero carbon commitment is stated on partner’s public website.
  • Goal covers global public cloud operations including VMware cloud.

Review this video for further information on the application process, and reach out to your VMware team if you have further questions.