Increase Cloud Efficiencies and Unlock New Revenue Streams

VMware vRealize Operations Cloud, available through VMware Cloud Partner Navigator, delivers self-driving operations to help cloud providers operate an efficient cloud and, most importantly, accelerate their top-line growth.

Powered by AI, vRealize Operations Cloud helps data center operators achieve greater cost efficiencies by increasing utilization, optimizing performance and reducing downtime with intelligent, proactive app aware remediation.

The cloud operations platform enables providers to increase revenue by delivering key services to their tenants: from capacity planning services to application monitoring services to multi-cloud migration initiatives.

Provider and Tenant Challenges in a Multi-Cloud World

Data center management is complex, as cloud admins are facing challenges with operational agility, accelerated innovation, and digital transformation. Providers must compete against large public clouds, and end customers are looking to cloud providers to deliver managed and hosted services that help them respond to their business needs. Both need help:


  • Reducing costs and accelerating top-line growth
  • Meeting SLAs and managing risk
  • Unifying visibility, operations and management
  • Adopting new innovations and technology with minimal downtime

Delivering New Solution Capabilities on VMware Cloud Partner Navigator

We abstract the cloud complexity without discounting the cloud richness so that you can focus on differentiating your business. We do that by helping you evolve your data center into a true hybrid cloud, unify your cloud management model across any major cloud, apply DevOps principles in your release process and integrate Kubernetes workloads into your operating model.

VMware vRealize Operations Cloud Use Cases

Cloud providers are constantly pressured to reduce costs and increase profitability while competing with established hyperscalers to stay relevant. Leverage vRealize Operations Cloud to:

Accelerate Top-Line Growth

  • Monetize monitoring across capacity, performance, compliance and troubleshooting
  • Monetize compliance-as-a-service with out-of-the-box and custom compliance templates

Optimize OpEx and CapEx

  • Optimize cloud infrastructure to increase efficiencies and deliver SLAs
  • 303% ROI with less than 3 months payback period per Forrester

Enhance Customer Experience

  • Leverage faster time-to-market with provider managed Day 0 setup
  • Offer improved support experience and intelligent troubleshooting to your customers

vRealize Automation Cloud Resources


Getting Started with Cloud Partner Navigator

Partner Connect Program Guide

MSP and Navigator Handbooks

MSP Pricing Guide

Using Cloud Partner Navigator

MSP vRealize Automation Cloud Operations Handbook

MSP End-to-End Getting Started Guide

VMware Cloud Provider Commerce Portal Documentation

Solution Brief

VMware vRealize Operations Cloud Solution Brief


VMware vRealize Operations Cloud on VMware Cloud Partner Navigator FAQ


Introducing: vRealize Operations Cloud availability

Expand your Cloud Provider Business with VMware vRealize Operations Cloud

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