Manage, Secure, and Operate both VMware-Based and Native Public Clouds

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VMware cloud services help partners manage, better secure, and operate both VMware-based clouds and native public clouds such as AWS, Azure and Google Cloud.

Services available today include VMware Aria Operations for Logs for partners to offer monitoring and incident response management service for VMware Cloud on AWS, vSphere, VMware Cloud Director, and AWS deployments.

Why VMware Aria Operations for Logs?

With VMware Aria Operations for Logs, you can add structure to your log data and resolve problems faster through innovative indexing and machine learning.
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Immediate time-to-value

Achieve fast time-to-value with universal log collection and analytics with intuitive dashboards.

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Increased productivity

Spend more time on strategic tasks with centralized log management that automatically collects and organizes information for you.

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Cost Savings

Innovative indexing and machine learning enables high performance search for faster end to end troubleshooting.


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Troubleshoot quickly

Discover the health of your data center by identifying anomalies across infrastructure and apps. Rapid troubleshooting and root cause analysis within seconds.

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Manage log data

Monitor your workload with scalable analytics, designed to handle all kinds of machine-generated data.

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Support for VMware Cloud on AWS

Analyze VMware Cloud on AWS audit logs with quick and easy integrations and increase support for your AWS cloud-native apps.

VMware Aria Operations for Logs – Use Cases

Better Together with VMware Cloud on AWS, VMware-based private clouds and native public clouds such as AWS.
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VMware Cloud on AWS Audit Log Support

Analyze VMware Cloud on AWS audit logs as well as vCenter logs leveraging out-of-the-box integrations.

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Support for Broad Range of Applications and Infrastructure

Quickly understand the health of your environment by identifying anomalies across infrastructure and applications

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Faster on-prem SDDC Troubleshooting

Utilize out-of-the-box dashboards for VMware SDDC technologies—such as VMware vCenter, VMware NSX and VMware vSAN—as well as robust log aggregation and analytics to accelerate troubleshooting.

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Take Your Cloud to the Next Level

Maximize your business as a VMware Cloud partner with the Partner Connect Program. Improve your time to market, decrease costs of operations, and deliver differentiated services.

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Focus on high-value cloud services and solutions, and less on the complexities of managing infrastructure and custom tooling.

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Save costs by leveraging VMware as-a-service offerings without the need to run your own data center, and benefit from faster time-to-market.