Solve Data Latency, Security and Compliance Challenges

VMware Cloud on Dell EMC, now available through VMware Cloud Partner Navigator, is a fully managed hybrid cloud service that is delivered as-a-service to data center and edge locations, offering a simple, secure and scalable infrastructure.


VMware’s industry leading compute, storage and networking software is integrated with enterprise-class Dell EMC hardware, enabling cloud providers to drive any enterprise workload. This unique approach empowers providers and customers to focus on business innovation and differentiation, while VMware operates the entire infrastructure end-to-end. It offers true local cloud as-a-service capabilities with the entire set of compliance certification badges: ISO 27001/17/18, SOC 2 Type 1, CCPA, GDPR.


This second-gen solution expands new node types to cover mission-critical workloads with heavy memory usage; reduces operational complexity with bulk workload migration, offers full end-to-end vRealize Automation, vRealize Operations and Tanzu Kubernetes Grid verification and provides critical workload licensing support with multi-cluster support within the same chassis.


Currently available in the US, UK, Germany, and France only.

Provider and Customer Challenges in a Multi-Cloud World

Data Latency, Security and Compliance Challenges

  • Difficulty migrating workloads to the cloud due to data latency and performance requirements
  • Keeping workloads on-premises due to security or regulatory requirements

Multiple Operating Teams and Resource Constraint

  • Focus on business-centric app management vs. managing underlying infrastructure
  • Limited resources in traditional data center operations to support multiple models

Poor Productivity and Slow Modernization

  • Pressure to deliver speed & agility with benefits of the cloud service model
  • Modernization requiring speed & agility for new infrastructure setup and deployment

Reduce Operational Complexity, Increase Agility

VMware Cloud on Dell EMC is jointly engineered between VMware and Dell EMC. It is based on Dell EMC’s industry leading VxRail appliances, running VMware’s Cloud Foundation stack, which includes virtualized compute, networking and storage.

Even though it runs in a customer or partner datacenter, it is delivered as a cloud service: operated and monitored 24/7 by VMware’s Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) team and available as a monthly subscription, without upfront investment.

Running in any data center, VMware Cloud on Dell EMC is ideal for situations where your customers might not want to run workloads in a public cloud or hosted environment. Examples of target use cases include Advanced VDI workloads, low latency or high bandwidth applications, environments with data sovereignty requirements, or edge computing use cases such as manufacturing, healthcare or retail.

Cloud providers can build upon this service to deliver added value to their end customers:

  • Freedom to choose where the infrastructure is deployed: on-premises at a customer location to satisfy bandwidth or latency requirements, or their own data center to leverage advanced network interconnectivity capabilities
  • Value-added services such as backup, disaster recovery, migration and external storage.

  • Ability to segment their workloads with multi-cluster support

VMware Cloud on Dell EMC Use Cases

The following best addresses contemporary challenges most data centers face today:

Advanced and Distributed VDI Workloads

  • Deliver remote workspaces with virtual desktops and apps
  • Offer enterprise-class security with support for VMware Horizon
  • Provide superior workspace density

Accelerate Modernization

  •  Simplify operations and allow development agility 
  • Allow rapid standing up of the needed capacity or extending capacity 
  • Support traditional and modern apps 

Data Center and Edge Location Modernization

  • Facilitate hardware updates
  • Enable innovation and eliminate maintenance downtime
  •  Allow shifting to a more predictable OpEx model with costs based on usage

Data-Latency and Sovereignty-Sensitive Workloads

  • Enable real-time decisions with data at edge locations 
  • Allow IT to protect intellectual property
  • Facilitate regulatory compliance to host data on-premises

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