Deliver a Unified Infrastructure to Bridge the Gap between Private and Public Clouds


Businesses are increasingly being tasked with moving their infrastructure to the cloud to reap the benefits of faster provisioning, flexible architecture, reduced costs and many other business needs. However, this transition can seem fraught with difficulties.

VMware Cloud on AWS is the fastest path to hybrid cloud, delivering a unified infrastructure that bridges the gap between private and public clouds.

It is a jointly engineered solution that extends on-premises vSphere environments to a VMware SDDC running on Amazon EC2 elastic, bare-metal infrastructure.

AWS Resell is now available for Managed Service Providers (MSPs) using VMware Cloud Partner Navigator. AWS Resell for MSPs allows VMware’s partners to purchase VMware Cloud on AWS and add-on services such as VMware Site Recovery, vRealize Log Insight Cloud, vRealize Automation Cloud, vRealize Operations Cloud and vRealize Network Insight Cloud through Amazon Web Services. They can easily deploy, provision and manage VMware multi-cloud offerings and the customer lifecycle through Cloud Partner Navigator.

Eliminate End Customer Challenges

MSP partners’ end customers typically face the below challenges that they need to solve for:

Leverage Existing Skillsets

Customers are often unable to leverage existing skillsets and tools and may face difficulty training their IT staff

Re-architect Applications

Customers may face challenges with re-architecting applications to allow for agile development

Agile Cloud Transition

Customers need to account for the difference in operation models, established governance, availability, security and control policies

Leverage Native Services

Customer’s inability to extend enterprise applications natively could pose a challenge

VMware Cloud on AWS Use Cases

Cloud partners can make the transition easy for customers who want to move to the cloud. There is a wide range of necessary assets that partners manage and control that ensures a smooth transition.

Data Center Extension

  • Footprint expansion/ On-demand capacity
  • Virtual desktops and published apps
  • Test/ Dev

Disaster Recovery

  • New disaster recovery
  • Replace existing disaster recovery
  • Complement existing disaster recovery

Cloud Migrations

  • Application specific
  • Data center wide
  • Infrastructure refresh

Next-Generation Apps

  • Application modernization
  • New application build-out
  • Hybrid applications

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