How Sovereign Cloud Supports the Future of the Data Economy

The future of national data economies depends on sovereign IT systems and digital infrastrcture with pervasive security for private and public sector organizations. A Sovereign Cloud provides a modern set of cloud services built on top of a secured foundation.

Build a National Cloud

Local legislation gives regional providers more opportunities to grow their local economies and develop a national capability for cloud services. Cloud providers have developed techniques and processes for managing and unlocking the value of national data.

Innovate within Regulated Industries

Cloud service providers with sovereign clouds can deliver a multitude of services to customers in regulated industries, such as financial, healthcare, and government. Customers can use this data securely to create value and help organizations in these industries become insight-driven.

Reduce Customer Complexity

Help customers reduce their data center footprint by helping government agencies and enterprises in regulated industries migrate to a secure and compliant cloud.

Key Capabilities of a Sovereign Cloud

Data Sovereignty and Jurisdictional Control

Data is subject to only the jurisdictional control and authority of the nation state or international federation  where the data is collected and resides.

Data Independence and Mobility

Avoid dependency on non-sovereign vendors, while still leveraging them when needed without the risk of customer data or metadata use that violates jurisdictional controls.

Data Security and Compliance

Data security controls must meet specific security frameworks and compliance standards to protect data and establish an information security management system (ISMS).

Data Innovation and Analytics

Help customers unlock the value of their data to drive business innovation through advanced data services, such as data alakes, data warehouses, and AI/ML services.

Data Access and Integrity

A Sovereign Cloud must be deployed in locations entirely under the jurisdictional control of the nation or international federation where the data is collected.

Why Sovereign Cloud for Specialized Workloads?

Sovereign Clouds are designed to support customers in a security-first environment with unparalleled compliance, visibility, and scale.

Data Protection and Compliance

Win customer trust with secure data protection and continuous compliance with local regulations.

Leverage Your Expertise

As a local cloud provider, you have the skills and expertise to provide operational support and compliance. 

Fortified and Secure

Protect your customers' sensitive data from foreign adversaries and malicious parties.

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