An optimized storage strategy for your cloud data

Not all data can move to the cloud and a majority of enterprise customers have data that can’t be migrated. The global object storage market is expected to continue to grow as more enterprise customers turn towards a hybrid cloud operating model for their digital transformation.

The VMware Cloud Provider Platform offers cloud providers enhanced capabilities to deliver affordable and robust data storage. The solution tightly integrates with industry leaders like Cloudian and Dell-EMC to deliver the underlying object storage. Enterprise customers can use this solution to store videos, images, and other multimedia data with low latency.

As your customers’ data volumes explode, you need to ensure that your cloud is designed to give them control of their data. Help your customers prevent:

  • Incompatible and inefficient data storage
  • Cost-prohibitive cloud storage
  • Data requirements not suitable for public cloud

Deliver high performance, low cost, hybrid cloud storage solutions with VMware Cloud Director

Working with our top storage partners, like Cloudian and Dell EMC, VMware Cloud Director can enable cloud providers to deliver performant, scalable and resilient S3-compatible object storage.

Ideal for Unstructured Data

VMware Cloud Director Object Storage Extension provides a seamless interface to object storage platforms that can store and index wide variety of multimedia formats.

Reduced Customer Cost

Affordable, cost-effective tiered cloud storage ensures that customers are not overpaying for non-latency sensitive data, while maintaining a ready repository of secondary data.

Hybrid Cloud-Ready

S3-API compatible to ensure easy migrations and seamless continuity across premises and clouds.

Solution Brief

VMware Cloud Director Object Storage Extension 2.0 Overview


Cloud Director Object Storage Extension Powered by Cloudian


VMware Cloud Director Object Storage Extension 2.1 - Reference Design

VMware Cloud Director Object Storage Interoperability Service - Deployment Guide

VMware Cloud Director Object Storage Extension 2.0 - Reference Design

Cloud Director Object Storage Extension Reference Design


Cloud Services Opportunities with Cloudian and Cloud Director


Object Storage for Cloud Providers Powered by VMware Cloud Director and Cloudian

Partner Solutions

Cloudian Object Storage Resources

Dell EMC Learning Center Object Storage

Dell EMC Object Storage Resources

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