Build a Zero Trust security environment to support cloud transformation

Traditional demilitarized zone (DMZ) or perimeter network architecture is full of manual processes, error-prone configurations, and physical constraints that make it difficult to scale effectively. Customers need to securely move to cloud in an efficient, inexpensive manner.


As cyber threats and ransomware become more prevalent, a ubiquitous security layer is paramount to prevent data breaches and attacks enabled by:


  • Complexities in designing and managing firewall rule sets
  • Brittle networking or placement changes
  • Unsecured East-West traffic

Protect The Perimeter And The Application With VMware NSX

VMware NSX automates networking and security in software, enabling you to enforce a Zero Trust model. NSX protects every workload with its own software-defined firewall and security policies.


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Rapid, Error-Free Configurations

Spin up isolated networks with automated policy delivery in seconds for any workload on any cloud. Quickly deploy policies at scale with full compliance.

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Self-Service Provisioning

Offer rich app services with self-service provisioning through a client portal. Reduce cycle times by removing paper-based legacy services and manual steps.

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Dynamic Policies

Improve apps agility through policy mobility enabled by micro-segmentation, posture with policy enforced by virtual firewalls and detect threats at perimeter.

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Lower TCO

Reduce CapEx, OpEx, and the cost of delivering network security services. Adopt a no-silo efficient design that manages multiple customers on the same host.

Virtualize Your Network and Start Delivering Security Services

Maximize the value of your virtual cloud network by using NSX to extend additional secure cloud offerings.
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Quickly achieve compliance with intrinsic NSX intrusion detection and prevention, regardless of workload location. Reduce false positives and computational costs with signature distribution.

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VMware NSX Enterprise

Meet high regulatory data protection standards with NSX Enterprise, which offers IDS/IPS services, and with NSX Intelligence, which provides deep inspection of each workload through built-in analytics.

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Centrally define, implement, and manage perimeter security gateway services, such as DNS, DHCP, and NAT. Control North-South traffic quickly and easily without any hardware dependencies.

Firewall as a Service Solution Overview


Integrated Security Campaign with VMware NSX

Go To Market Kits

VMware Network Security Go To Market Kit


VMware Network Security Services Infographic


VMware Cloud Director Remote Access VPN Integration Guide

Monetizing NSX: The Business and Operational Value for VMware Cloud Providers

Case Studies

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