Differentiating Cloud Providers with Big Ambitions

While today’s cloud market seems tightly competitive, Cloud Providers can differentiate themselves by delivering enterprise-grade, flexible, custom clouds that many larger cloud providers cannot match.


Cloud providers like you have a chance to expand into new revenue streams and grow existing services with multi-tenant hybrid clouds. To achieve this, you need to:


  • Operate reliable, low-risk clouds powered by proven software
  • Offer efficient, effective, and secure cloud services
  • Eliminate cloud silos by spanning multiple clouds from a centralized tool

How VMware Makes the Difference

VMware Cloud Director gives Cloud Providers are looking for opportunities to attract and retain customers, upsell and cross-sell to increase wallet-share, and adapt to an unpredictable business climates.


How VMware Makes the Difference

VMware Cloud Director gives Cloud Providers are looking for opportunities to attract and retain customers, upsell and cross-sell to increase wallet-share, and adapt to an unpredictable business climates.


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Deliver a Global Reach

Manage a global multi-cloud estate for customers with an instant online worldwide presence from your data center, customer on-premises and global hyperscale data centers.

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Provide Access to Multiple App catalogs

Access and deliver applications on virtual machines or containers, from VMware Cloud Marketplace, third-party and even custom app stores to help your portfolio stand out from the crowd.

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Offer Intelligent Resource Pooling

Pooling physical infrastructure into virtual data centers intelligently and securely gives you real cloud economics to expand your potential customer base, deliver the performance and security required.

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Manage Your Clouds From a Single Pane of Glass

Out of the box hybrid cloud control and automation of on-premises and ‘asset-lite’ cloud infrastructure services from a single pane of glass, unifying operations and maximizing skills and cloud talent.

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Accelerate Your Digital Transformation

Support legacy workloads where needed and deliver a platform for modernization with cloud-native Kubernetes and devops tooling to help deliver your customers’ digital transformation needs

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Security as Standard

Deliver highly automated and dynamic protection for workloads and applications with integrated micro segmentation distributed and edge firewalls with dynamic policies and container ingress firewalling. Protect workloads in situ with VM encryption ensuring maximum protection to your customers' applications.

Ecosystem Providers

Deliver security services to address customer adoption of your cloud.


Key Management as a Service supporting KMIP 1.0 for encryption services.

Trend Micro

Deep security for customer workloads with intelligent data protection support.

Offer protection to your customer workloads.


Managed Service Disaster Recovery of VMware Cloud Director workloads for your customer.


Disaster Recovery as a self service option. 

Drive migration replications and/or backups to on-board customers to and from Cloud Director and Cloud Director Service (10.2 and above)


Integrated Self Service from within Cloud Director’s user interface enabling backup and migration

Primary IO

Hybrid Cloud self service integrated Data Management and migration.

Offer backup and restore workload and file services.


Workload and file backup and restore self service.


Backup and restore integrated self service.

Dell Data Protection

Workload and file backup and restore self service.


Enterprise Data Management self service.

Deliver S3 compatible Object Storage services for your customer resource pools


Virtual and Hyperstore physical storage options for self service, integrated UI, S3 compliant object storage solutions.


Physical ECS storage options for self service, integrated UI, S3 compliant object storage services.

An IDC Analysis: What Partners say about VMware Cloud Director

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Uplift in Revenues

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Faster to Onboard Customers

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Faster to Deliver Services

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5-year ROI

Multi-Tenant Public Cloud Resources

Solution Briefs

Deliver multi-tenant public cloud

Optimize your infrastrcuture and maximize your revenue opportunity with VMware Cloud Director public cloud

Drive Consumption with App Launchpad

Deliver new applications to your tenants with App Launchpad. Load VMware Marketplace, third-party, and custom VM or container applications.

Expand your Developer-Ready Cloud Portfolio

VMware Cloud Director now offers Kubernetes Cluster services with Container Service Extension (CSE). Find out what’s new.

Deliver New Object Storage Services

Drive more storage services with VMware Cloud Director Object Storage Extension including AWS native S3 instances.

Explore the Pricing and Dashboard Enhancements in Tenant App

Explore the versatile new metering and table stacks monitoring capabilities in vRealize Operations Tenant App.

Deliver Disaster Recovery as a Service

Help your customers get back up and running quickly following a catastrophe. VMware Cloud Director Service let’s you offer cost-efficient cloud-based DRaaS features.

Go to Market Kits

Jump start your Public Cloud services

Deliver the mulit-tenant public cloud services your customers need with essential sales and marketing enablement and assets for Developer Ready Cloud, Why our Cloud and App Modernization services

Expand your DRaaS sales

Sell and grow more disaster recovery-as-a-service solutions with our sales enablement kit. Get the full set of customizable materials to use throughout your sales and marketing process.

Sell VMware Advanced Load Balancer

Load balancing is crucial for fast app response times and multi-site availability. This go-to-market kit contains everything you need to advertize and monetize VMware Advanced Load Balancer services.

Asset Light Delivery Platform

Jump start your next level cloud business on an 'asset lite' hyperscale global presence with VMware Cloud Director service. It's the same VMware Cloud Director, but SaaSy.

Next-Level Network Security

Find out how to launch network security services, engage with customers, and gain an edge over your competitors. Download our network security go-to-market sales and marketing kit today.

Migrate your customers to your cloud

Drive scalable, self service, warm migration to your cloud. Getting to cloud can be daunting for customers, but VMware Cloud Director makes it easy. This kit contains all you need to sell and market migration to your cloud


What's new in VMware Cloud Director 10.3.1

Find out the latest new innovations and can help you deliver new networking security services, storage services, Kubernetes cluster services, DevReady cloud services and much more.

Announcing vRealize Operations 8.2

Get Kubernetes monitoring, app-to-infra troubleshooting, extensibility, and ease of use enhancements, all new in vRealize Operations.


Watch VMware Feature Fridays

Watch our YouTube series exploring all the latest updates, features and how-to’s across the VMware Cloud Provider product range.

Learn to Grow Revenue with our Free Training

Take free training to discover different monetization options available to Cloud Providers using VMware Cloud Director


IDC’s Business Value White Paper

See how your peers are using VMware to accelerate revenue growth by 32% and deliver new services 57% faster in their public cloud offerings.

Building a compelling modern apps and managed application cloud provider business

Learn how VMware Cloud Director can be used seamlessly with Kubernetes and Tanzu, and is complemented with App Launchpad, marketplace and other capabilities.

Deploy Advanced Load Balancer features in a multi-tenant environment

Learn how to provide load balancing, security, and application insights and analytics in multi-tenant environments managed by VMware Cloud Director

Building a Compelling TCO Model on the VMware Cloud Provider Platform

Learn how to calculate the most price competitive offerings to highly differentiated value-add services to address current and future customer requirements.

Seamless Workload Migration to Cloud for Cloud Providers

Address warm and cold customer migration strategies to drive consumption fast and efficiently. Read the white paper to find out more.

Case Studies

TietoEVRY Case Study

TietoEVRY offers innovative hybrid cloud services with VMware Cloud Director and VMware Cloud Foundation

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Take Your Cloud to the Next Level

Maximize your business as a VMware Cloud partner with the Cloud Provider Platform. Improve your time to market, decrease costs of operations, and deliver differentiated services.

Cloud Provider

Focus on high-value cloud services and solutions, and less on the complexities of managing infrastructure and custom tooling.

Managed Service Provider

Save costs by leveraging VMware as-a-service offerings without the need to run your own data center, and benefit from faster time-to-market.