Navigate away from manual patchwork monitoring to AI and ML driven hassle-free self-driving operations

Higher costs in complex, hybrid cloud environment

Private cloud is built on fragmented hardware while public cloud has limited visibility. Hybrid cloud environments require modern monitoring tools to empower cloud providers.

Lack of agility to meet customer demands

Provider IT teams need to optimize both private and public clouds as well as support traditional and cloud-native applications, with security, agility, and reliability.

Strong competition puts premium on differentiation

Providers need to differentiate their business while reducing time-to-market and addressing shrinking budgets for operational excellence.

Expand monitoring portfolio from apps to infrastructure to cloud

Accelerate top line growth by monetizing end-to-end Monitoring-aaS from Systems to Apps to Cloud and beyond with VMware vRealize Operations and True Visibility Suite. 

Offer Simplified Systems management

Help your customers answer the question “How is my Cloud infrastructure behaving?” without the hassle of managing it, by offering out-of-the-box and custom reports and dashboards.

Deliver Extensive Application management

Help your customers optimize performance of their Web, Application and Database instances, by offering out-of-the-box views and customizable reporting of their applications.

Monetize Comprehensive Hybrid Cloud Monitoring

Offer Unified Public Cloud Monitoring for multiple public clouds including vSAN, Cloud Director Service, AWS, Azure, Google Cloud and others.

Critical monitoring offerings top of mind to your customers

Monitoring-as-a-Service providers are trusted advisors for customers looking for self-driving hassle free operations. Help your customers move away from a patchwork of monitoring tools by providing:

Cost Optimization

Fine-grained cost analytics for capacity reclamation, planning and public cloud cost comparison to determine best-fit for workloads.

Performance Optimization

Assure application performance at minimal cost with real-time predictive analytics driving actions to automatically balance workloads and proactively avoid contention.

Capacity planning and management

Manage and optimize cloud infrastructure to get more VMs out of the same hardware and manage data center growth with proactive capacity planning and procurement.

Proactive Remediation

Predict, prevent and troubleshoot faster with actionable insights correlating metrics and logs with unified visibility from applications to infrastructure.

Integrated Compliance

Reduce risk and enforce IT and regulatory standards with integrated compliance and automated drift remediation.


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Delivering Enterprise Cloud Services with the VMware Cloud Provider Platform

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