Take Your Next Step with VMware DRaaS

You already use VMware Cloud Director and have the opportunity to easily extend your offerings with an integrated, modern DRaaS service.


  • Get started quickly by discovering how the latest version of VMware Cloud Director Availability seamlessly integrates into VMware Cloud Director.
  • Learn how you can very easily monetize profitable new DRaaS services that are even more tightly aligned to your customers’ needs.
  • Discover how to create and close profitable recurring sales with a great choice of customizable DRaaS sales and marketing tools.

Capable Migration and DR services

Cloud Director Availability provides simple Migration and Disaster Recovery support for multiple supported VMware endpoints

Cloud Director Availability provides simple Migration and Disaster Recovery support for multiple supported VMware endpoints:
  • Ground to Cloud On-Premises vSphere client to: 

    • VMware Cloud Director 
    • VMware Cloud on AWS (one way migration only) 
    • Google Cloud VMware Engine 
    • Azure VMware Solution (one way migration only)
  • Dedicated On-premises vCenter to dedicated Cloud vCenter for vSphere
  • Cloud to Cloud VMware Cloud Director to VMware Cloud Director 
  • Cloud to Cloud VMware Cloud Director service between Google

    Cloud VMware Engine instances

Empowering Your Success

Whether you're already a VMware Cloud Director Availability partner, or haven't become one yet below is a step-by-step journey that gives you everything you need to get onboard.

DRaaS Journey

DRaaS Journey

  1. Step 1
  2. Step 2
  3. Step 3

Step 1: Build a Business Case for Expanding to DRaaS Today

Blog: Why DRaaS today?

Understand why a changing and uncertain world means customer demand for tiered DRaaS is growing fast.

​Cloud-to-Cloud DR Opportunity Calculator

Model revenue opportunities based on DR for cloud-based customer applications and workloads.

​451 Research Pathfinder Report

The analyst view on the value to customers and Service Providers of offering a tiered DRaaS portfolio.

Customer Premises-to-Cloud DR Opportunity Calculator

Model DR revenue scenarios for on-prem workloads based on your business, customer base and revenue ambitions.

Step 2: Understand the DRaaS Opportunity

At-a-glance Guide for VMware Cloud Director Providers

Add VMware Cloud Director Availability to your DRaaS portfolio, and offer a competitively priced and differentiated multi-tiered DRaaS portfolio.

At-a-glance Guide for New VMware Cloud Director Availability Providers

Upgrade to VMware Cloud Director Availability 4.x. Deliver differentiated services which improves time to market & lowers RPOs & RTOs

Step 3: Discover why VMware Cloud Director Availability is a smart choice?

Solution Brief

Market insights, what’s new in VMware Cloud Director Availability and a high-level technical overview.


Enable your team to deploy on-premises appliances for customers, configure services, manage bandwidth, and handle service operational tasks


Get the essentials on how to deploy and monetize DRaaS services on VMware Cloud Director Availability.

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Disaster Recovery as a Service Technology Validation for partners

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