Start with Kubernetes as-a-Service and evolve your offering to multi-cloud application managed services


Next generation developer environments are moving away from traditional static configurations, heterogenous environments and manual processes. VMware Tanzu editions offer a phased approach for container adoption and a gradual transition of applications.

The VMware Cloud Provider Platform offers cloud providers enhanced capabilities to accelerate the development and delivery of next-generation applications. Developers can build apps designed for scaling and can focus on the problems they are solving instead of the underlying infrastructure.

Take your cloud offering to the developer

Deploy and Manage Apps Across Any Cloud

Boost developer velocity with quick deployment of protected K8s clusters and delivery of containerized workloads.

Manage Kubernetes Across Clouds

Empower DevSecOps to centrally control, govern and observe their K8s infrastructure in a multi-cloud environment.

Automate Container Management and Security

Provide a modern apps developer environment that offers a comprehensive suite, conformant Kubernetes everywhere and compliant cloud experience.

VMware Tanzu Portfolio

VMware Tanzu for the Cloud Provider is a portfolio of products and services based on VMware Tanzu products and packaged editions, and other VMware solutions. Together, cloud providers are enabled to deliver multi-tenant K8s services that transform and modernize enterprise applications infrastructure.

Build Better Apps

Bitnami catalog developer-ready applications available through VMware Cloud Director App Launchpad


VMware Tanzu Application, Build and Data Services

Run Kubernetes across clouds

Use VMware Tanzu Standard to run enterprise-ready Kubernetes across on-premises, public clouds, and edge.

Simplify Cloud Operations

VMware Tanzu Mission Control for seamless multi-cloud cluster, security and policy management


VMware Tanzu Observability and VMware Tanzu Service Mesh

Developer-Ready Cloud Resources


Tanzu Basic for Cloud Providers FAQ


Announcing GA of Tanzu Basic Edition for Cloud Providers

VCD 10.2.2 Updates for Tanzu KaaS: Part-1

VMware Cloud Director 10.2.2 Release and Tanzu Updates – Part 3

Serverless Web App Capabilities with the VMware Cloud Provider Platform – Part 2

Announcing GA of Tanzu Mission Control for Cloud Providers

VCD 10.2.2 Updates for Tanzu KaaS: Part-2

Serverless Web App Capabilities with the VMware Cloud Provider Platform – Part 1

Serverless Web App Capabilities with the VMware Cloud Provider Platform – Part 3


Developer-Ready Cloud Infographic


VMware Tanzu Basic with VMware Cloud Director (VCD) for Cloud Providers

VMware Tanzu Mission Control Activation on VMware Cloud Partner...

Kubernetes as a Service on Cloud Director

What does Developer-Ready Cloud mean for VMware Cloud Director..

Introducing VMware App Launchpad 1.0

VMware Cloud Director Container Service Extension 2.6.1 Native UI

VMware Tanzu Mission Control integration with VMware Cloud Director

Managing Kubernetes Clusters using VMware Tanzu Mission Control

VMware App Launchpad for VMware Cloud Director

Bitnami and App Launchpad

VMware Cloud Director Container Service Extension

Demonstration of Container Service Extension with Nirmata on VMware..


Expand Your Business by Appealing to Developers with VMware Cloud Native Services


Cloud Provider Term Contract Process for Tanzu Basic


Building a compelling Modern Apps and Managed Application Cloud Provider Business

Providers Guide to Container Service Extension Install and Configuration

Useful Links

Course: VMware Cloud Director: Advanced Networking with NSX-T Data Center v10.2

Container Service Extension (CSE) Release Notes

vmLive session - Cloud Providers Deliver New Container & Application Services

Bitnami Application Catalog

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Cloud Provider

Focus on high-value cloud services and solutions, and less on the complexities of managing infrastructure and custom tooling.

Managed Service Provider

Save costs by leveraging VMware as-a-service offerings without the need to run your own data center, and benefit from faster time-to-market.