The Dedicated Private Cloud Opportunity

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Businesses continue to move workloads to the cloud; however, not all of them want to use shared infrastructure. These customers are looking to dedicated cloud services providers as their trusted advisors for delivering more secure and flexible cloud infrastructure, able to run any application at any location.

But before providers can take advantage of this opportunity, they must be able to:


  • Deploy infrastructure in a timely manner
  • Expand IT teams' skill sets
  • Build a future-ready platform

Help Your Customers Make the Switch

Dedicated private cloud services providers are trusted advisors for organizations of all sizes moving to the cloud. You can help your customers grow their businesses instead of spending cycles on maintaining their underlying infrastructure by providing:
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Dedicated, secure, and top-level offerings

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Foundation for anything-as-a-service

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Greater SLAs hassle-free

The Architecture for Your Private Cloud

VMware Cloud Foundation is an integrated software stack that delivers a complete, software-defined architecture for your private cloud environment.


The Architecture for Your Private Cloud

VMware Cloud Foundation is an integrated software stack that delivers a complete, software-defined architecture for your private cloud environment.


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Best-in-Class Components

With VMware Cloud Foundation, you get a full-stack platform for turnkey private cloud solutions suitable for any application. VMware Cloud Foundation is built with industry-leading compute, storage, networking, security, and management.

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Platform Automation and Scalability

When you standardize on VMware Cloud Foundation, you have the ideal infrastructure to deliver private cloud at scale. Automated bring-up and lifecycle management help ensure faster time-to-market and sustained compatibility of your cloud software stack.

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Greater Control and Flexibility

Get simplified management and the ability to upgrade, scale out, and scale up as your customers’ needs grow. while also providing a platform for modern applications.

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Reduced TCO

Eliminate the need for expensive and complex purpose-built hardware. Improve performance and efficiency by converging compute, network and storage on one common platform.

Expand Beyond your Private Cloud with Custom Solutions

Maximize monetization opportunities by leveraging your private cloud solution as a pathway to hybrid cloud. VMware partners continually demonstrate that they can gain additional services and hardware revenue when leveraging VCF in their private clouds.
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Deliver seamless cloud migration capabilities from customer premises or VMware Cloud on AWS to your data center.

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Modern Apps

Promote developer productivity and deploy applications to market faster.

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Provide deep visibility with granular monitoring, chargeback, reporting, and logging capabilities.

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Hybrid Cloud

Connect your private cloud to public cloud for a hybrid cloud experience for greater scale and efficiency.

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