Access Business Intelligence Across Multi-Cloud Environments

CloudHealth is the most trusted cloud service management platform, providing business intelligence across multi-cloud environments.


Partners can enable their end customers to analyze and manage cloud cost, usage, security, and governance in one place through the CloudHealth Platform.


Who is CloudHealth for?


  • Finance teams
  • IT Ops / Tech Ops / Cloud Ops teams
  • Engineering / App Dev teams
  • Enterprise Architect teams

Extend Your Multi-Cloud Managed Services Portfolio

Managed Service Providers use CloudHealth to manage and operate at scale, while extending their service portfolio. The CloudHealth Partner Platform is a multi-cloud console, which enables partners to:

Streamline Billing

Partners can easily scale billing operations, generate customer billing statements for AWS and Azure and create billing rules for custom charges and discounts.


Centralize Customer Management

Partners can gain visibility and reporting across all customer tenants from one console and benefit from full multi-tenant isolation of customers.


Drive Profitability

Partners can take advantage of opportunities to increase profit margins, perfect internal processes and generate optimization recommendations for customers.

CloudHealth Use Cases

With the CloudHealth platform, partners can:


CloudHealth Use Cases

With the CloudHealth platform, partners can:


Improve Collaboration

  • Tame shadow IT with visibility across all users
  • Evaluate your infrastructure by business groupings to drive accountability

Maximize ROI

  • Save an average of 25% on monthly cloud expenses starting day one
  • Keep cloud resources optimized

Increase Efficiency

  • Reclaim hundreds of hours per year
  • Manage and understand cloud usage and performance

Centralize Governance

  • Create custom policies to manage infrastructure
  • Stay ahead of vulnerabilities before they cause problems

CloudHealth by VMware Resources


Getting Started with Cloud Partner Navigator

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MSP and Navigator Handbooks

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Using Cloud Partner Navigator

MSP CloudHealth Operations Handbook

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VMware Cloud Provider Commerce Portal Documentation

Solution Briefs

CloudHealth Solution Brief

CloudHealth Partner Customer Success Service Solution Brief


CloudHealth Service on VMware Cloud Partner Navigator FAQ


Enable CloudHealth Service on Cloud Partner Navigator

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