A Simple and Optimized Multi-Cloud Platform

The transition to a multi-cloud environment is creating a sprawl and the need for a unified service-delivery platform that offers a cohesive experience across business and cloud operations.

VMware Cloud Partner Navigator is uniquely designed to deliver this unified experience. It enables cloud partners to manage mixed-asset models across various cloud endpoints. With VMware Cloud Partner Navigator, you can deliver cost-effective, innovative services and layer on integrations for evolving business needs.

The challenges of multi-cloud management

  • Limited agility in service onboarding: As your VMware cloud estate grows and you expand to serve more customer segments, standard tooling and workflow automation are required to seamlessly manage your environments.

  • Complex multi-cloud operations: Various business processes need to be defined for contract management, cloud services and resources consumption, billing and support in order to achieve operational efficiency. This requires custom tooling and new skill sets, and can create new IT silos.

  • Poor customer experience: As a cloud partner, you need to reduce the complexity of managing a customer’s workloads on each cloud. Without advanced self-service capabilities, both you and your enterprise customers are burdened with procedural barriers and complexity in provisioning IT resources to get applications into production. This creates an inconsistent customer experience with different tools and limited visibility.

Centralize management across any deployment

Using VMware Cloud Partner Navigator, you can deliver multi-cloud services such as migration, backup, recovery, security, hybridity, multi-tenant IaaS, containers application templates and more on any cloud endpoint.

VMware Cloud Partner Navigator helps unify the experience across granular customer usage, contract management and onboarding, metering and billing, while facilitating end-to-end customer lifecycle management and simplified support. As a cloud partner, you can still personalize customers’ experiences through branded services.

Expand Your Business to Meet Your Customers' Demands

VMware Cloud Partner Navigator enables partners to quickly on-board customers and offer differentiated services.

Expand Your Business to Meet Your Customers' Demands

VMware Cloud Partner Navigator enables partners to quickly on-board customers and offer differentiated services.

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Accelerate Business Agility

Optimize business operations with standard tooling, simplified contract management, automated onboarding, access control, and consolidated support.

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Simplify Multi-Cloud Operations

Seamlessly expand your infrastructure from on-premises to cloud and leverage flexible workload placement across cloud endpoints.

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Enhance the Customer Experience

Provide visibility into cloud performance, usage, and cost through a unified view across clouds and centralized billing.

Drive business outcomes with VMware Cloud Partner Navigator

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Engage Continuously

Always be with your customers through adoption, consumption, support and more.

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Expand Market Reach

Build next-gen managed services with VMware Cloud Services.

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Increase Competitiveness

Deliver self-service public cloud experiences across VMware clouds to customers.

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Reduce Operating Costs

Simplify business operations by consolidating contract management, usage, billing and support.

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