Empower Customers With the Right Level of Protection

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Today businesses need to be resilient. But how can you ensure your customer's Disaster Recovery (DR) planning is aligned with Business Continuity (BC) management to deliver the right level of protection? Is there a way to optimally assess and balance technical capabilities, business recovery strategies, and IT resources?

It all starts with a tiered approach to DR. Having a plan that is simple but impactful could help your customers maximize ROI while driving a confident adoption of cloud as a cornerstone of digital transformation.

Provide Customers with Smarter DR Solutions

Protect data, minimize downtime and reduce costs with optimized disaster recovery (DR). Get a tiered approach to DR that helps you balance reliable protection and efficient allocation of DR resources.

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Flexible Deployment Options

Get the flexibility to choose between deployment options - set up failover capacity 100% on-demand or with minimal footprint.

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Optimized Costs

Leverage the elasticity and reliability of the cloud to balance effective DR operations and optimized IT resource allocation to achieve up to 60% lower TCO.

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Offer DR solutions that are SaaS-simple with consistent operating experience on-premises and in the cloud with automated failover and failback.

Use Cases

With VMware Cloud Disaster Recovery partners can offer the ideal combination of cost-efficient cloud storage with simple SaaS-based management for IT resiliency at scale and a 'pay-as-you-go' failover capacity model — all with consistent VMware operations across production and DR sites. Below are some of the use cases:
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Replace Existing DR

Accelerate cloud adoption by modernizing DR infrastructure. Offer faster DR with on-demand failover capacity that eliminates the need to maintain a secondary DR site.

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Optimized DR Costs

Help customers maximize ROI through a tiered approach to DR - optimizing DR costs by tuning SLAs and TCO to match application requirements.

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Ransomware Recovery

Ensure confident recovery from ransomware with a plan that runs rapid recovery point validations, restores critical applications and supports resiliency strategy

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