Appeal to Different Customer Tiers for VMware supported Hyperscale Partner Clouds

VMware Cloud Director service Managed Service Offering

Regionally based VMware cloud services providers have the advantage of uniquely understanding their local customers’ needs. VMware Cloud Director service empowers them to extend managed or self-service cloud services outside of their data centers while leveraging familiar technologies and skills. VMware cloud services providers can open new revenue streams by expanding their existing offerings to SMB and mid-tier customers on VMware Cloud on AWS, Google Cloud VMware Engine and Azure VMware Solution, Oracle Cloud VMware Solution as well as connecting Cloud Director service to existing on-premises Cloud Director and/or vCenter instances

Cloud Director service reduces time to provision new virtual data center resources and services and makes multi region expansion simple with the worldwide reach of VMware supported partner hyper scale clouds. VMware Cloud Director service enables cloud services providers to leverage VMware Cloud on AWS and/or Google Cloud VMware Engine and/or Oracle Cloud VMware Solution in multi-tenant modality and enables cloud services providers to leverage Azure VMware Solution in Enterprise Multi-Tenancy SDDC endpoints with enhanced VMware NSX-T support, allowing provisioning of custom-sized, tenant-based, isolated, and secure VMware Cloud resources. This ability to service multiple smaller and medium sized tenants on the same infrastructure, offers flexibility to right-size the VMware Cloud environments to meet customer needs and requirements of all customer tiers.

VMware Cloud Director service is a container-based SaaS version of the proven VMware Cloud Director on-premises service-delivery platform. The service, available through VMware Cloud Partner Navigator, helps cloud services providers gain better economies of scale and generate new value and revenue for their cloud businesses.

Cloud Director service is also available through AWS Resell. AWS Resell for Cloud Services Providers - SaaS allows VMware’s partners to purchase VMware Cloud on AWS and add-on services through Amazon Web Services.

Eliminate Challenges for Small and Medium Businesses

  • Economies of Scale: VMware cloud services providers have customers of all sizes and need to accommodate the smallest to the largest, whether in public, private or dedicated clouds. Providing efficient resource utilization for a service, but also utilizing 100% of resources where available, results in better economies for cloud services providers and customers.
  • Expansion: Some customers struggle to expand their cloud footprint to new geographies and introduce new lines of businesses. They may be hindered by the high investment costs of purchasing new hardware or renting data centers as well as the challenges of meeting local compliance and government requirements. Cloud services providers are also often bound by their own geographies and investments, making it hard to accommodate customers with multi-region demands.
  • Agility: IT departments are being asked to bring new solutions to market faster and with greater flexibility. The operational overhead from the ongoing maintenance of a siloed multi-cloud environment can slow down the ability to respond quickly to new business needs.

Solution Capabilities

Asset-Light Geo Expansion

VMware Cloud Director service allows partners to rapidly expand or burst their cloud footprint to new geographies & support customers in an asset-light, pay-as-you-grow model.

Multi-Tenant VMware Clouds

Supporting VMware Cloud on AWS, Google Cloud VMware Engine and Azure VMware Solution and Oracle Cloud VMware Solution and/or connecting to an existing on-premises Cloud Director and/or vCenter instances.

Partners can offer self-service, custom-sized resource pools and application services with differing consumption models.

Consistent Service Delivery

Bring all supported endpoints under the management umbrella of VMware Cloud Director service, reducing operational overhead and helping partners deliver a consistent experience.

Migrate to Cloud Director service

Migrate your customers to Cloud Director service VMware Cloud on AWS or Google Cloud VMware Engine or Azure VMware Solution or Oracle Cloud VMware Solution. Provide DR services for Google Cloud VMware Engine or for Azure VMware Solution.

VMware Cloud Director service Resources

Reference Architecture

Cloud Director Service Reference Architecture for Oracle Cloud VMware Solution

DR and Migration in Google Cloud VMware Engine with Cloud Director service

Cloud Director Service Reference Achitecture for Google Cloud VMware Engine

Cloud Director Service Reference Architecture for Azure VMware Solution

DR and Migration in Oracle Cloud VMware Solution with Cloud Director service

Cloud Director service Reference Architecture for VMware Cloud on AWS

Migration to VMware Cloud on AWS with Cloud Director service

Migration to Azure VMware Solution with Cloud Director service

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