Offer Validated Open-Source Applications to Developers at Scale

Bitnami enables Managed Service Providers (MSPs) in the VMware partner connect ecosystem to offer validated open-source applications to developers at scale and with ease.


At its core, the Bitnami engine packages, secures and continuously updates hundreds of wildly popular open-source solutions. For developers, Bitnami offers application content that can be easily deployed across any cloud – public and hybrid – and in the most optimal format – VMs, containers and Kubernetes helm charts.


With Bitnami, MSPs can:


  • Leverage Bitnami’s well-architected application packaging technology
  • Ensure prompt and continuous maintenance of 180+ widely popular open-source applications
  • Run open-source solutions with confidence
  • Drive adoption with well-documented, community-supported and deploy-ready applications
  • Keep service catalogs fresh and maintained
  • Simplify hybrid and multi-cloud transformations

Cloud Provider Challenges

The cloud computing paradigm has transformed the software development process from slow and siloed to agile and collaborative. To build applications in today’s world, developers require flexibility, choice, convenience, ease of use – and a wide set of popular open-source tools. Cloud providers must attract and meet these developer needs in order to stay effective. Some challenges faced by cloud providers today include:

Attracting developer workloads

VMware cloud providers do not always have easy access to the open source platforms that developers rely on to accelerate cloud-native application deployment.


Cloud native development infrastructure

Developers are looking for advanced container and Kubernetes based pre-packaged solutions to build and deploy cloud native applications across multi-cloud.

Lifecycle management

Developers struggle to find, build, integrate and maintain open-source components at scale, and prefer a single place to build and deploy cloud applications.

Use Cases for Bitnami on Marketplace

Onboard developer-ready container based cloud native applications, while focusing on core business and modernizing the enterprise towards a multi-cloud environment with VMware Tanzu-based managed services.

Attract Developer Workloads

Address the needs of Developers & DevOps with services for managing workloads from Test/Dev environment, multi-platform and ready-to-deploy containerized apps.

Offer Kubernetes and Containers as a Managed Service

Use Tanzu to deploy and manage container-based applications across clouds, and enable developers to onboard existing or build new applications with open-source.

Offer Additional Application Managed Services

Move beyond Infrastructure as-a-Service (IaaS) into Application Managed Services through service offerings based on Bitnami applications and components.

Bitnami on Marketplace Resources


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Solution Brief

Bitnami on Marketplace Solution Brief


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Deploy any container based application from Bitnami


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Bitnami vCD Quick Start Guide

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