Unified Observability for the Modern Cloud

VMware Aria Operations™ for Applications (formerly VMware Tanzu® Observability™), now available through VMware Cloud Partner Navigator, is a unified observability platform delivering full-stack visibility using metrics, traces and logs across distributed applications, application services, container services, and multi-cloud based on public, private and hybrid cloud infrastructures.

VMware Aria Operations for Applications brings observability specifically designed for enterprises needing monitoring, observability and analytics for their cloud native applications and multi-cloud environments. With the trinity of metrics, traces and logs being available in one unified solution, users get more actionable insights into their system and can identify the root cause of an issue quickly to reduce mean time to resolution (MTTR) at massive scale.

Modern Monitoring and Observability for Modern Applications

Metrics, traces and logs are the core of monitoring and observability and are a necessity for managing and maintaining the health of cloud native applications built for scale. Cloud Services Providers can take advantage of the VMware Aria Operations for Applications platform to address compliance and security requirements for tenant cloud applications, while containing costs, reducing incident management timelines, and eliminating siloed products and solutions for greater business agility.

• Logs included in VMware Aria Operations for Applications provide site reliability engineers (SREs), operators, and developers a unified view across teams to troubleshoot and mitigate production issues. Insight into logs is critical as logs provide more in-depth information, providing comprehensive records of all events and errors during the software lifecycle. Logs provide answers to when a problem occurs as well as which events or trends it correlates with. 

• Metrics can be gathered from any corner of your environment, including microservices, legacy applications, containers, serverless, multi-cloud environments, and data center infrastructure. Histograms can be utilized to quickly identify outliers within high-velocity metrics and help correlate metrics to logs and system events.

• Traces record your cloud native applications, correlating it all to metrics and logs within application service maps. Troubleshoot and optimize application performance faster with unified views.

Correlate Data Across Applications, Infrastructure, Developer and DevOps Tools with over 250 Integrations

VMware Aria Operations for Applications makes it easy to manage your modern application environment, offering a full restful API for extensibility. Integrations are versatile, from sending application performance metrics, monitoring DevOps tooling, and more. Cloud Services Providers can leverage the vast ecosystem of integrations to address most tenant requirements, bolstering services revenue while also delivering valuable additional capabilities for your enterprise business customers.

Solutions for Every Observability Use Case

Enterprise DevOps teams can confidently deliver unified observability across their organizations with Aria Operations for Applications. Here are some of the critical use cases for everyday observability:

Tanzu Kubernetes Grid Monitoring

Get immediate, at-a-glance insights across all containerized applications and the underlying infrastructure. Aggregate metrics from thousands of hosts and containers across private, public, and multi-cloud environments.

Kubernetes Observability

Run performant and reliable Kubernetes environments with full stack visibility of nodes, pods, and containers. Enjoy automated application context out of the box.

Application Monitoring

Deliver exceptional SLAs and eliminate customer-impacting issues through flexible tracing and analytics using traces and metrics.

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