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Reference Architecture Model of Cloud Director Availability for Cloud Director

Reference Architecture Model of Cloud Director Availability for Cloud Director

VMware Cloud Director Availability provides disaster recovery and virtual machine migration services from customer premise to cloud provider Cloud Director based virtual data center environments.

Cloud Director Availability allows tenants to perform free selfservice migration to provider or to protect workloads from an on-premises vSphere environment to the trusted cloud providers’ cloud environments with aminimum of 5 minutes RPO.

  • vSphere replication provides the tenant side functionality.
  • vCloud Tunnelling Agent is the encryption module which communicates with the Cloud Proxy and is responsible for orchestrating tunnel creation for both to-the-cloud and from-the-cloud tunnels.
  • Replication data flows from the ESXi host on which the protected VM is running, to the vCTA which sends the data through the tunnel to the Cloud Proxy Service. The cloud proxy service redirects the replication data to the appropriate vRS server.
  • Encryption of replication traffic is provided between vSphere Replication and Cloud Proxies endpoints.
  • An open source message queue service. All requests to the Cloud Service are routed through the messaging service.
  • An open source distributed database that stores metadata related to the configured replications.
  • Cloud Proxy creates a public listening TCP port to which vCloud Tunneling Agents connect and communicate using secure web sockets. Multiple instances can be deployed behind a load balancer to support scaling.
  • Cloud Service provides a few major functions:
    • REST API entry point for VR operations
    • vCD extension, interacts with vCD for placement, multi-tenancy, etc.
    • Can scale with vCD if needed
  • The Replication Management Service to oversee vSphere replication. It is an existing component of Sphere Replication that has been updated for Cloud Director Availability.
  • The Replication Service handles the replication process for each protected virtual machine. It is an existing component of vSphere Replication that has been updated for Cloud Director Availability. Cloud Director Availability Portal appliance that provides a tenant level UI portal to manage replications in the cloud.
  • Separate appliance, accessible only for VCD system admins. Monitoring of VDC capacity, replication usage and status across the whole Cloud Director instance. Maintenance operations (storage migrations, scrubbing stale migrations) and tenant impersonation.

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