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Reference Architecture Model for Cloud Director Extender

Reference Architecture Model for Cloud Director Extender

VMware Cloud Director Extender creates a hybrid cloud environment between an end-user on-premises data center, and a multi-tenant Cloud Director environment.

You use Cloud Director Extender to securely and seamlessly migrate on-premises virtual machines, and extend your on-premises virtual network to the cloud.

  • A public VIP/NAT is required for access to the OnPremises Replicator by the Provider Replication Manager.
  • Public Load Balancer / Firewall VIP/NATs are required for Provider Extender Cloud Service, Replication Manager and Replicators to enable direct access from On-Premises devices.
  • Extender Cloud Service Accesses the vCD API endpoint through the Load Balancer VIP associated with this service.
  • Network topologies have been simplified for visual clarity. Separation of different traffic types using VLAN or VXLAN, and appropriate security controls is assumed. Similarly, only new traffic flows between devices on different networks are shown.
  • To aid visual clarity, only Destination TCP ports are shown. Flows use ephemeral Source port unless specified.
  • Replication traffic uses encrypted TCP rather than HTTPS so is not suited to SSL offload. Load Balancers or Firewalls should employ TCP optimization to maximize throughput.
  • On-Premises NSX is not required. Standalone Edge appliance will be provisioned through On-Premises vCenter if required. Extender can use virtual standard switches or distributed switches.
  • Each resource/workload vCenter within the Provider s Cloud Director environment requires its own Replicator instance. Multiple instances can be deployed to increase replication capacity.
  • Only Routed OrgVDC networks connected to Trunk interface of OrgVDC Edge can be used for the Provider end of stretched L2 networks (Networks A D in the illustration).

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