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Reference Architecture Model for CRD v2.5

The Certified Reference Design (CRD) for VMware Cloud Providers is a pre-validated set of software components that simplify the deployment of a VMware vCloud Director® based multitenant cloud in a predictable and efficient manner.

This poster offers a visual representation of the logical topology of the components comprising the CRD. See for more information.

Management VC (VCVA with embedded DB and PSC) 6.5 U1d (P02)Tiny
Compute VCs (VCVA with embedded DB and
 external HA PSC
6.5 U1d (P02)Medium
ESXi6.5 U1d (P02)NA
vCD cells9.1NA
vCD DBPostgeSQL 10.3 / SQL 2016NA
vCD Logging DBCassandra 3.9NA
vCD Extender1.1
vRealize Log Insight4.6Medium
Usage Meter3.6.0.1NA
vRealize Operations6.7Large
Mgmt. Pack for NSX for vSphere3.5.1
Mgmt Pack for vSphere6
Mgmt. Pack for vRLI6
Mgmt Pack for vCD4.5
Mgmt Pack for Storage Devices6.0.5
Mgmt Pack for vSAN2

  • The Management infrastructure cluster is prepared for NSX to allow deployment of NSX Edge Gateways. It uses both VLAN and VXLAN backed networks but does not use DFW.
  • Only management components included within the CRD are shown. Others may be included in line with local requirements
  • Networks have been combined for visual clarity. Separation of different traffic types using VLAN or VXLAN is assumed.
  • Tenant management is shown using a back-end connection to a dedicated interface on the Tenant Edge. Alternative management access techniques are equally valid.

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