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  • Kubernetes-as-a-Service in vCloud Director 9.7 – Reference Architecture

    In this reference architecture, we have detailed the various components required for a service provider to build a Kubernetes-as-a-Service offering on top of vCloud Director managed environments. The Container Service Extension is utilized to allow cloud consumers to create Kubernetes clusters within their OrgVDCs with a single command.


  • VMware Validated Design for Cloud Providers (for vCloud Director 9.7) - Reference Architecture

    VMware Validated Designs for Cloud Providers are blueprints for building and operating cloud infrastructure for a wide range of cloud provider use-cases. These designs are thoroughly tested for scale and interoperability and are refreshed regularly. .

    This poster offers a visual representation of the logical topology of the components comprising the VVD. See reference-architectures for more information.


  • vCloud Availability for Cloud-to-Cloud DR Reference Architecture

    The VMware vCloud Availability for Cloud-to-Cloud DR solution provides replication and failover capabilities for vCloud Director workloads at both the VM and vApp level.

    The solution is designed for VMware Cloud Provider partners to run on vCloud Director instances and offer cloud-to-cloud disaster recovery (DR) services, enabling further monetization of existing VMware vCloud Director multi-tenant cloud environments

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  • Managed Service Provider – Disaster Recovery Services

    Providing Managed Disaster Recovery Services for VMware Cloud on AWS. This reference architecture provides an overview of a fully managed DRaaS offering that VMware Managed Service Providers (MSPs) can build using VMware Cloud on AWS and VMware Site Recovery. With VMware Site Recovery for VMC on AWS, MSP partners now have an asset light model that can be leveraged to provide DRaaS for a customer’s on-premises datacenter or for a vSphere hosted in a colocation Datacenter managed by the MSP partner.

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  • Reference Architecture Model for vCloud Director Extender

    VMware vCloud Director Extender creates a hybrid cloud environment between an end-user on-premises data center, and a multi-tenant vCloud Director environment. You use vCloud Director Extender to securely and seamlessly migrate on-premises virtual machines, and extend your on-premises virtual network to the cloud.

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  • Reference Architecture Model for CRD v2.5

    The Certified Reference Design (CRD) for VMware Cloud Providers is a pre-validated set of software components that simplify the deployment of a VMware vCloud Director® based multitenant cloud in a predictable and efficient manner. This poster offers a visual representation of the logical topology of the components comprising the CRD. See for more information.

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  • vCloud Availability 3.0 Deployment Reference Architecture

    VMware vCloud Availability 3.0 solution introduces a newand simplified product architecture for replication, disasterrecovery and migration capabilities into a single product.With the service you can perform:

    • Migration and Disaster Recovery of VMs from on-premisevCenter Server to a vCloud site.
    • Migration of vApps and VMs between two Virtual Data Centers that belong to a single vCloud Director Organization.
    • Replication and recovery of vApps and VMs between vCloud Director sites.

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  • Reference Architecture Model of vCloud Availability for vCloud Director

    VMware vCloud Availability provides disaster recovery and virtual machine migration services from customer premise to cloud provider vCloud Director based virtual data center environments.

    vCloud Availability allows tenants to perform free selfservice migration to provider or to protect workloads from an on-premises vSphere environment to the trusted cloud providers’ cloud environments with aminimum of 5 minutes RPO.


  • VMware Cloud on AWS for Managed Services Providers

    Build a Managed Services Business for VMware Cloud on AWS

    This reference architecture is an example of how you can deploy a VMware Cloud on AWS environment for one of your customers and deliver managed services to help accelerate your customers success.


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