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Lower Costs

Reduce capital and operational expenditures by shifting to a software-defined network.

Faster time-to-market

Rapid provisioning allows for reduced time-to-market enabling your customers to stay ahead.

Secure Multi-Tenancy

Guarantee resource SLA through complete isolation and secure workloads in a multi-tenancy.


Deep visibility into networks and resources allow Cloud Providers to identify service-impacting disruptions in their customers' cloud environments.

Operational Agility

Ability to streamline your customers' operations with integrated operations management across services, networks, virtualization, and physical domains.


Explore our scalable, unified stack of products.

vCloud Director

vCloud Director enables Cloud Providers to build differentiated cloud services that are inherently hybrid-aware and ideal for enterprise-class organizations.


NSX is a network virtualization and security platform that delivers a completely new operational model for networking that forms the foundation of the SDDC.

vRealize Suite

vRealize Suite is an enterprise-ready, cloud management suite that delivers the industry’s most complete solution for managing a heterogeneous, hybrid cloud

vRealize Network Insight

vRealize Network Insight helps customers build an optimized, highly available and secure network infrastructure across multi-cloud environments with accelerated application security and networking.


vSAN powers industry-leading HCI solutions with a vSphere-native, high-performance architecture that enables your customers to evolve without risk, reduce TCO, and scale to tomorrow.


The vSphere platform is the best foundation for your apps, your cloud, and your business. vSphere helps you get the best performance, availability, and efficiency from your infrastructure and ...

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