Why Become a VMware Managed Service Provider

Expand your business beyond your cloud with easy access to a broad portfolio of multi-cloud services powered by VMware Cloud Partner Navigator, a unified platform that helps simplify the delivery of differentiated services.

Faster Time to Market

Deliver vertical market expertise with service compliance certifications to accelerate time to market, driving higher revenue, market share and establishing leadership.

Geographic Expansion

Partners can broaden their technology portfolio and expand to new regions without expensive data center investments.

Consistent and Predictable Revenue

Leverage the value of recurring revenue and a steady income generated by monthly billing. Add a level of financial stability and invest and growth initiatives.

Build Long-Term Relationships with Customers

Better understand customer’s evolving needs and deliver end-to-end solutions. This allows you to build credibility, become a trusted advisor and upsell other services.

Achieve Major Efficiency Gains

Standardize solutions across customers which makes purchasing, deploying, and managing far easier and allows you to quickly scale your business.

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Choosing the Right Business Model

VMware offers our partners several business models to choose from. The best approach to determine the right fit, starts with the intention to own the terms of service for end customers.

Determining MSP is the Right Fit:

  • Core Subscription Model:
    If you’d prefer to build services yourself in your own data center, then the VMware Core Subscription program for cloud partners is the right model for your business.
  • Managed Service Provider Model:
    If you’d like to leverage VMware’s data center and purchase VMware Cloud offerings to provide fully managed services on top, with the VMware brand, then the Managed Service Provider Program is the right choice for your business.
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Requirements to Become an MSP

Service providers must sign a new agreement with a minimum committed MSRP spend through an Aggregator. As a partner, they own the terms of service with their customers and must include support and managed services.

  • Join the VMware Partner Connect Program
  • Complete requirements of preferred tier
  • Sign Aggregator contract: minimum commit spend
  • Own terms of service and provide support
  • Provide fully managed services
  • Complete training: Sales & technical accreditations

Managed Service Provider Services

The Managed Service Provider route to market allows partners to use VMware Software-as-a-Service offerings without investment in their own data center infrastructure, delivering managed services on top.

VMware Cloud on AWS

Extend your VMware environment to an asset light deployment for hybrid cloud and deliver cloud migration, data center extension, DR, app modernization and more.

CloudHealth by VMware

Leverage this multi-cloud management platform to analyze, optimize, and govern multi-cloud operations from a single pane of glass and streamline billing.

VMware Cloud Director service

Leverage a new VMC on AWS SDDC and provision bite-sized multi-tenant resources for customers, lowering barrier to entry for on-boarding smaller customers.

VMware Tanzu Mission Control

Enhance operational efficiency by effectively managing multiple Kubernetes clusters and automating tasks across disparate environments with VMware Tanzu Mission Control.

MSP & Cloud Partner Navigator Handbooks

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Why Become a VMware MSP

Solution Brief

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VMware Connect Learning Course - Strategy: Why VMware MSP?

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Why Become a VMware MSP

Take Your Cloud to the Next Level

Maximize your business as a VMware Cloud partner with the Cloud Provider Platform. Improve your time to market, decrease costs of operations, and deliver differentiated services.

Cloud Provider

Focus on high-value cloud services and solutions, and less on the complexities of managing infrastructure and custom tooling.

Managed Service Provider

Save costs by leveraging VMware as-a-service offerings without the need to run your own data center, and benefit from faster time-to-market.