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  • Disaster Recovery as a Service

    Struggling to find time to market and sell your disaster recovery solution? This disaster recovery as a service kit can help you share the true value of business continuity with your customers. With educational, monetization, and customizable materials to use throughout the sales process, you’ll be better abled to close more deals and grow your disaster recovery business.


  • Network Security

    Need help with targeting new customers and establish a competitive advantage within network security? This network security go to market kit can serve as a guide on how to launch network security services and engage with customers. Along with the kit, this demand generation campaign can help you reach more customers and articulate the business value around your distributed firewall solution. With customizable resources, you can tailor your message to address all of your customers.

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  • Advanced Load Balancer

    Load balancing is becoming increasingly critical to ensure multi-site availability and fast app response for geo-distributed users. To get you started, this go to market kit provides information, tools, and support to help you be successful with selling VMware Advanced Load Balancer and bring this solution to market.


  • Next-Gen Service Delivery Platform

    Ready to take your cloud business to the next level? Strengthen your competitive edge with this next-gen service delivery platform go to market kit. Inside this kit, you’ll find a playbook, whiteboard presentation, messaging, and more. With customizable resources to get your started, you can expand your cloud services business.