Cloud Services Provider Benefit

Built-in Customer Base

Kickstart your cloud services business with VMware's reach.


VMware Cloud Providers in the Partner Connect enables partners to consume VMware products on a pay-as-you-grow, monthly subscription model, and providers are charged for what they use.


Be it on-prem or off, provide one seamless IT experience throughout. Improve security and compliance, enhance business continuity with automation, and implement dynamic scaling to meet demand spikes.

Differentiated Offerings

Support the unique needs of specialized vertical markets and compliance certifications for your customers. Deliver tailored services towards your tenant's end-customer delight.

Operational Efficiencies

Easy maintenance, minimal downtime, application provisioning, availability, and convenient recovery. Consistency in operations and visibility across private and public clouds.

Customer Satisfaction

It is all about your customers. A highly responsive, software-defined data center that provides easy, seamless access to applications and protects your customers' data.

Joint Go-To-Market Initiatives

Gain valuable go-to-market support and development funds for enhanced visibility to stay competitive in the market as you grow as a VMware Cloud Provider in Partner Connect.

Explore VMware Cloud Verified

Boost your business with VMware Cloud Verified. Help enterprises move to cloud with flexibility and control in services running on modern VMware infrastructure.

Cloud Builder Services

Network Security

Prevent breaches and offer advanced network security services for customers.

Multi-Tenant Public Cloud

Offer seamless public cloud experiences to your customers with flexible, open, multi-tenant technologies.

Dedicated Private Cloud

Deliver an efficient private cloud offering without sacrificing high performance and security.

Monitoring as a Service

Unlock new revenue streams by offering end-to-end monitoring from systems and apps to cloud and beyond.

Data Protection

Protect and manage backup data across data center and cloud endpoints.

Zero Carbon Committed

As a Zero Carbon Committed provider, help your customers reach their sustainability goals and supply chain decarbonization goals

Developer-Ready Cloud

Let your customers build, run and manage applications on your developer-ready infrastructure.

Disaster Recovery as a Service

Offer simple, secure and cost-effective secondary-sites and disaster recovery services across clouds.

Object Storage

Deliver storage as a service to help customers embrace hybrid cloud storage benefits and solve big data storage challenges.

Sovereign Cloud

Secure and compliant cloud required for federated data infrastructure.

Cloud Provider Metering

Monitor and manage the use and cost of cloud resources from multiple customers across the same infrastructure.

VMware Cloud Provider Architecture

Cloud Provider Architecture documentation provides validated designs and guidance on the most popular and profitable cloud services for VMware Cloud Providers.

VMware Cloud Architecture Toolkit

VMware Validated Designs for Cloud Providers

VMware Cloud Provider Reference Architectures

Take Your Cloud to the Next Level

Maximize your business as a VMware Cloud partner with the Partner Connect Program. Improve your time to market, decrease costs of operations, and deliver differentiated services.

Cloud Services Provider – Cloud Builder

Focus on high-value cloud services and solutions, and less on the complexities of managing infrastructure and custom tooling.

Cloud Services Provider – SaaS

Save costs by leveraging VMware as-a-service offerings without the need to run your own data center, and benefit from faster time-to-market.