VMware Cloud Director Availability Deployment Reference Architecture


This reference architecture details how a cloud provider can deploy VMware Cloud Director Availability on-premises.


  • VMware Cloud Director Availability  solution introduces a simplified product architecture for disaster recovery and migration capabilities into a single product. With the service you can perform:
  • Migration and Disaster Recovery of VMs from on-premise vCenter Server data center to a VMware Cloud Director cloud site.
  • Migration of vApps and VMs between two Virtual Data Centers that belong to a single VMware Cloud Director Organization.
  • Replication and recovery of vApps and VMs between VMware Cloud Director sites.
  • With the VMware Cloud Director solution, service providers can build secure, multi-tenant private clouds by pooling infrastructure resources into virtual data centers and exposing them to users through web-based portals and programmatic interfaces as fully automated, catalog-based services.
  • A typical VMware Cloud Director Availability setup consists of:
    •  VMware Cloud Director Availability Replication Management Appliance - a single appliance that contains the following services:
      •  Manager service - a management service that operates on the vCenter Server level and understands its concepts for starting the replication workflow of the virtual machines. It must have TCP access to the Lookup Service and all the Replicator appliances.
      • Cloud service with embedded VMware Cloud Director Availability Portal - provides the primary interface for the cloud and on-prem replication operations. It understands the VMware Cloud Director level concepts and communicates with its API through VMware Cloud Director LB.
    •  VMware Cloud Director Availability Replicator, which exposes the low-level data replication engine primitives as REST APIs. For production deployments, it is highly recommended to deploy at least two and scale them according to the recommended maximums.
    •  VMware Cloud Director Availability Tunnel, which simplifies the provider networking setup by channeling all incoming and outgoing traffic for a site through a single point - the VMware Cloud Director Availability Tunnel appliance. The traffic is both management and monitoring for the replication data (LWD traffic).
  • Tenants need to deploy the VMware Cloud Director Availability On-premises appliance at their data centers. 
  • The native integrations with VMware vSphere and VMware Cloud Director allow operating VMware Cloud Director Availability via plug-ins directly through their UIs.

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