Download VMware vCloud Usage Meter 4.5

The Latest On-Premises Agent for Collecting Usage and Reporting

Built for Cloud Providers to meter and report their usage each month, the vCloud Usage Meter 4.4 appliance is the lastest version in this new architecture. Download Usage Meter 4.5 now and get started.

Getting Started with Cloud Provider Metering

Get familiar with Cloud Metering features and Usage Insight, then get started with VMware Commerce Portal

Cloud Metering Features

Products Supported for Metering per Usage Meter version. Click below for more information on product versions supported.

Opt-In Automatic Reporting

Onboard into the Automatic Reporting Service at the center of Cloud Provider Metering Architecture.

Usage Insight Access

Onboard into VMware Cloud Partner Navigator for access to VMware vCloud Usage Insight.

VMware Commerce Portal

Make your commerce process simple and unified

Key Capabilities

Key Capabilities

Automatic Reporting

Drive monthly reporting easily. From data collection to aggregation and reporting to VMware Commerce Portal, Usage Insight and Usage Meter automate the reporting process end-to-end.

Scalability & Maintenance

With Usage Meter 4.4, you can scale to larger environments within a single deployment. With in-place upgrades, you no longer need to replace the on-premises agent with each new version.

Reports & Data Retention

Usage Insight provides a central location for downloading and viewing usage reports. VMware stores the historical records so that partners do not need to maintain their older appliances.

Security & Compliance

As a feature embedded within VMware Cloud Partner Navigator, the vCloud Usage Insight service is SOC 2 Type 1 and ISO 27001 compliant.

Usage Meter Appliance Information

Check out these resources for additional information on using the Usage Meter appliance.

Products Supported

With each new version of Usage Meter, product collectors are added or updated. To see what products and versions are supported, check out the VMware Product Interoperability Matrices.


Network Port Information

Find out what network ports Usage Meter needs to operate.

Configuration Maximum

See the recommended maximum configurations for the Usage Meter appliance for connecting with and metering other products.

Usage Meter Collectors

Products Supported for Metering per Usage Meter version. For more information on product versions supported, visit the interoperability matrix.



UM 4.4

UM 4.5

VMware vCenter Server / vSphere
VMware Cloud Director
VMware Cloud Director Availability
VMware vRealize Operations* *New features added
VMware NSX-V
VMware NSX-T* *New features added
VMware vRealize Network Insight
VMware Horizon DaaS
VMware Horizon* *New collector added  
VMware Cloud Foundation
VMware vSAN* *New features added
VMware Site Recovery Manager
VMware vRealize Automation
VMware Tanzu (TKGs based)

Usage Meter Appliance Features

Features and functions supported by Usage Meter appliance.



UM 4.4

UM 4.5

Reverse Proxy Support  
Data Hashing Control  
Virtual Appliance Management Interface  
SYSLOG Forwarding  
Photon OS
In-Place Upgrade
License Categories (Rental, Demo, Perpetual)
Appliance API
Customer Monthly Report

  • Release: N/A
  • Description: A collector to automatically configure and maintain vCenter and NSX endpoints managed by the SDDC Manager

  • Designing

  • Release: In Usage Meter 4.6
  • Description: Support for metering vRealize Automation 8.X for vRAM and Per VM based metrics

  • Designing

  • Release: Q1'2022
  • Description: API to programmatically access and pull reports from Usage Insight related to Monthly Usage Report, Customer Monthly Report, etc…

  • In Development

  • Release: Q2'2022 - Beta
  • Description: Detailed comparison of product usage between two months to help understand what the cause of changes in usage might be

  • In Development

  • Release: N/A
  • Description: A collector to automatically configure and maintain management endpoints deployed and managed by the vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager

  • In Development

  • Release: N/A
  • Description: Detailed reports for additional metrics like “Per VM/OSI”, and additional products on the Customer Monthly Usage Report

  • Planning

  • Release: In Usage Meter 4.6
  • Description: Ability to backup and/or restore Usage Meter appliance and application for use with migration to another appliance or in case of failure

  • Planning

  • Release: N/A
  • Description: Ability to upgrade the Appliance from the Virtual Appliance Management Interface, similar to vCenter Server using a "Stage and Install" buttton

  • Planning

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