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VMware Cloud Provider Partners

Benefit from the pay-as-you-grow pricing model and shared-resource cloud economics with increased operational efficiencies. Discover joint go-to-market initiatives for a greater competitive advantage.

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The VMware Cloud Provider Program enables partners to consume VMware products on a pay-as-you-grow, monthly subscription model, and providers are charged for what they use.


Be it on-prem or off, provide one seamless IT experience throughout. Improve security and compliance, enhance business continuity with automation, and implement dynamic scaling to meet demand spikes.

Differentiate your offering

Support the unique needs of specialized vertical markets and compliance certifications for your customers. Deliver tailored services towards your tenant's end-customer delight.

Operational Efficiencies

Easy maintenance, minimal downtime, application provisioning, availability, and convenient recovery. Consistency in operations and visibility across private and public clouds.

Customer Satisfaction

It is all about the end user. A highly responsive, software-defined data center that provides easy, seamless access to applications and protects user data.

Joint go-to-market Initiatives

Gain valuable press release support and development funds for enhanced visibility to stay competitive in the market as you grow in the VMware Cloud Provider Program.

Partner Success Stories

DFS stays ahead of the competition and copes with the busy periods by taking a multi-cloud approach to deliver its IT transformation and migration projects.

Intersoft keeps up with the constantly evolving e-commerce industry by moving to private cloud to deliver solutions that meet customer habits and behaviors.

Green Cloud Technologies delivers VMware-based Cloud services leveraging key VMware technologies and features to enable centralized cloud consumption and management for their customers.

Visit our Partner page to learn more about the VMware Cloud Provider Program. View Program Guide details here.

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